Organizational management apparat's structure of JSC "Matbuot tarkatuvchi"

Department for Control contractual obligations

Toshxo’jaeva Muhabbat Hikmatovna

  • Generalization of letters to create editorial subscription catalogs.
  • Contracts for distribution of publications, books and stationery with "Uzbekistan pochtasi" branches and enterprises.
  • Signing a contract for shipping, books and stationery with "Uzbekistan pochtasi" branches and enterprises.
  • Contracts for distribution of publications between the enterprises of the CIS.
  • Calculations based on contracts.

Strategic business planning department

Mamadalieva Dilbar Mutalibjanova

    Business plan development project company.
    Analysis of the economic performance of the company, DP and LTD are members of the company.
    A plan of long-term development of the company.
    Calculation and expression of the subscription, retail, catalog prices for periodicals in the press distribution companies.
    The calculation of dividends to shareholders of the company's net profit.
    Formation of staffing.
    A generalization of the payroll.
    Providing information support on economic issues companies are members of the company.
    Keeping data on pay and bonus material workers.
    Control and accounting staffing company DP.
    Business analysis and execution of business plans.
    Compile and prepare reports on daily revenue stalls.
    A generalization report of wages by enterprises, the distribution of staff in managerial, technical and industrial categories.
    Generalization of data on the number of wage and affiliates.
    Pricing for rental property companies and their accounting.
    Update subscription catalog prices for the company's website.

Department of market research and future demand

  • Participate in the creation of the current catalog and subscription prices
  • Cook and take orders for subscription
  • Accounting reference directory
  • Control over subscribed and handling
  • Creates registry and allows for subscription orders from other companies in foreign publications
  • Creates a table of forwarding sortirovachnye
  • Actively participates in and monitors the forwarding of publications
  • Mutual between the editorial and the company does zakaznaryad
  • Writes to registers not sold retail edition
  • Advertise subscription through the media.

Department of Personnel Management

Urinov Mexriddin Zaynitdinovich

  • Improving the skills of management and employees of subordinate enterprises.
  • Keeping records of employees and raising of qualification of all Ltd, subsidiary and Company.
  • Studying the reasons for leaving or changing positions.
  • Timely execution and sending reports to the parent institution.
  • Development of the tables on vacation and approval.
  • Archiving of documents.
  • In conjunction with departments to prepare proposals for the charter company.
  • Registration of labor contracts in the selection of a job.



  • Accounting and settlement of financial transactions, timely payment of taxes and obligatory payments to the budget.
  • Inventory of material assets.
  • Preparation and submission of reports planned for the development of on-farm indicators.
  • Accounting for credit operations, core resources.
  • Calculations based on agreements between the banks, the editorial also by other companies.
  • Receivables and payables of the company.
  • Filing and payment of sanctions to enterprises with the delay be debited.
  • A generalization of the quarterly balance sheets and Subsidiary, Ltd.

Service of office manager

Adilova Mavjuda Nigmatovna

  • Monitoring the fulfillment of all claims or demands.
  • Control and accounting performance of all orders, decrees and letters coming from the bonds of State Committee CCITT of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Legal service

Qosimov Alisher Bahodirovich

  • Tips on violations of workers.
  • Control of labor violations at the company and the application of measures.
  • Legal advice in respect of trade union affairs.
  • Check the legal documents, patches, and Visa.
  • Perform all functions related workers' rights.

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