Today is the birthday of Amir Temur


 Amir Temur ibn Amir Taragay was born on April 8, 1336 in the village of Khoja Ilg'or, Kesh (Shahrisabz) region. His father, Amir Muhammad Taragay, was a prince of the Barlas ulus, a brave warrior, a devotee of the ulama, a patron of the scholars, and a zealot.
Although little is known about Amir Temur's youth, according to some sources, he was literate in his youth and studied medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and history. The great Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun Jahangir, who had the honor of speaking with Amir Temur, said that he had mastered the history of the Turkic, Arab, and Persian peoples, as well as the intricacies of religious, secular, and philosophical knowledge.
When Amir Temur entered politics, Movarounnahr was under Mongol rule, the towns and villages occupied by Genghis Khan and Botukhan were destroyed, waterworks were destroyed or rendered unusable, and Genghis Khan made Movarounnahr his second son, Chigataykhan.
There are two distinct periods in the life and work of Amir Temur. The first period (1360–1385) was the liberation of Movarounnahr from Mongol rule, the establishment of a single centralized state, and the end of civil wars. The second period (1386–1405) was characterized by two-year, three-year, and five-year expeditions to other countries.
From the 1360s, Amir Temur became involved in the internal strife and wars in Movarounnahr, and after defeating Amir Hussein, the Mongol ruler Tughluq Temurkhan, after defeating his son Ilyaskhoja, in 1370 he became the real owner of the Movarounnahr throne and made Samarkand the capital of power.

Congratulations on the 29 th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan!


  The joint-stock company "Matbuot tarkatuvchi" congratulates Uzbeks on the main state holiday of the country - Independence Day!
   In connection with the celebration of the 29 th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, we want to wish you well-being, prosperity, peace, inspiration and success in the service for the benefit of our homeland!

Uzbekistan extends lockdown measures until August 15


  In accordance with the relevant decision of the Special Republican Commission, the quarantine restrictions imposed in the country have been extended until August 15 this year.

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